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Me?  I have something to do, a difference to make.  Don't we all.  We humans are so
magnificent and capable of so much and yet we hold ourselves back and squander so much
of who we are and what we can do.  We waste our lives on trivialities when we could do
extraordinary... and we know it.  Me, my job is to change that.

Going for extraordinary is making the best of the valuable reality of what we have... going
for something great in our life versus just doing the status quo.  It's about doing business
or life or relationship or you-name-it not like the Jones' do, but doing what we long to and
dream of.  Being Superman... Superman, yes, that's what I said.

As a kid, did you have a cape or the princess outfit and want to do something with your life,
something that mattered?  I did.  I didn't dream of having a corporate job that asked me to
leave my values and soul at the door.  I didn't dream of having relationships that are all
about superficialities.  I dreamt of doing something good with my life, something that
mattered and made a difference.  I dreamt of doing things that brought people together and
helped them feel great about their self... I dream of changing the world; mine, yours, and
ours for the better.

And yes, I know I write "yourself" different.  We seem to forget our "self" and to be
respectful of it.  That self that knows what's right, and what's wrong.  That self that knows  
what we really want.  That self that we ignore so often.  

My chosen job/purpose is to help you remember your self, to trust your self, to listen to
your self... to do what you long to do and be who you long to be.  To make a difference,
your difference, to lead, to do what you are here to do and to live fully... that's going for
extraordinary.  It's you being all you are meant to be... making
your difference, living your

Where I choose to do that is through business.  Business is about so much... much more
than we talk about on the surface, and business leads and impacts everything in the world.  
It impacts us all collectively and individually, it's practices impact our planet, our children and
how we feel about our selves, and how we feel about each other.  Most business is
disempowering.  I want to change that.

Business is how we share our gifts and talents, how we value our self, how we interact in the
world... what we give and what we receive for that.  It has such an impact.  It's a way to
lead.  Whether you are a boss or a company, you impact the people around you.  

Also, looked at from a higher level business isn't just about work and money, it's about us
knowing there is a place for us in the world, it is our way to make our difference, and be
supported for that.  My passion and purpose is to inspire us to know there is a place for us
in the world, and to build a world that embraces that.  

It's doing business in a way that works for the greater good, having relationships that are
partnership, being in community with our neighbors/planet/etc.

What happened to us?  Look at the negative political campaign ads.  Our Leaders?  And they
are only doing that because we respond.  Somehow my personal struggles and passions
brought me to a place of seeing the world in a different way.  The way we are doing things is
wrong.  It's not working.  What are we going to do about it?  It's our job... and when we
don't do it, we know it, and it eats at us and ruins our lives.  We are not okay with what we
are putting up with.  That is obvious by where our money is spent...cable, alcohol, weight
loss, anti-aging, porn, drugs, anti-depressants... avoidance.  What about self esteem, doing
things that we feel good about, that leave us feeling good about our selves?  Work, action,
and ways of being that give our life meaning and give us as sense of purpose and pride.  

So, my passion and purpose is to inspire people to go for extraordinary.  To go for their
dreams, to be who they want to be... to make their difference in the world.  I empower
people to trust themselves, to lead, to do what they know is right, even against opposition,
and make the world a better place.  And in the process, also know there is a place for them.

I learned much through my own struggles and growth.  I grew up with a strong sense of
knowing what was right and fierce determination to live it.  I stood for and lived what I
believed in many ways.  It was often challenging and strengthened me... and I led.  As I
became more solid in my beliefs and more mature, I had a hard time fitting into the
corporate world.  I moved to more values-driven businesses, and finally to non-profits which
I found frustrating in their lack of efficiency and effectiveness.  That's when I decided to
become a coach.  In 2002 I finished coaching school and started my business.

I've studied business and management and human potential, and I've done the personal
work.  As a manager, I trusted my instincts and what I'd learned, and my employees
flourished.  They started loving their jobs, taking greater personal responsibility and working
hard, harder than they had with their previous managers.  They began to love their jobs
(and their self more).  I took pride in them, discovered their strengths and gave them
opportunities to use those strengths and stretch themselves, and feel great about
themselves.  Those are the same skills I use with my clients.  It's what I know and who I
choose to be.

I love seeing and hearing someone in that moment when they get how great they are and
how they can make their difference in the world...

I'm an idealist.  There is still that little girl in me that believes the world is good, that we can
all play together, that everybody is special and anything is possible...  Remember, "Hey kid,
wanna play?"  No barriers.  And as cute and sweet as I was, I was also a tomboy who stood
up to any bully.  This is our world and our life, isn't it time we all stood up and made this
world the kind of world we want to live in?

My work is to make that difference... and it's not just my work, it's who I am.  I hope you'll
join me in making our world a better place, that values what is good and what's really
important.  It's time we stood for something good, and made our world the magnificent
place it can be.

If there is something I can do to empower you to make your difference, call or email me.  
Let's do it.  Let's Go For Extraordinary!™  Making the most of what we have, in our selves
and with our world.

To Our Success!

p.s. Here's an interesting tidbit about me.  It surprises people that know me when they find
out... and then when they get used to the idea, they totally get it.  Along with my coaching I
make greeting cards, etc.  Want to see another side of me... go check them out.  
www.ValuableRealities.com  Enjoy!
"I'm an idealist.  
There is still that little
girl in me that
believes the world is
good, that we can all
play together, that
everybody is special
and anything is
- Lisa Kay
Lisa K. Bradley, CPC
Success Coach, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker
International Business Coaching, Life Coaching & Training from Seattle, Washington

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